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Welcome to the official website dedicated to the writings and works of Mohamad Jebara


Mohamad Jebara is the best-selling author of 109 books, including 'The Life of the Quran' and 'Muhammad the World-Changer'. He is a skilled visual artist, athlete, chef, speaker, and educator, known for his insightful and thought-provoking works on Islam and its teachings.



Best-selling Author

Unique & Engaging Writing Style

Mohamad Jebara began writing his first book, Tajwid: An Elementary-Intermediate Course, when he was barely 13.  Since then, Mohamad has authored 109 books on a wide range of topics ranging from classical Arabic grammar (Arabic Grammar: The Gateway), to biography ('Muhammad the World-Changer') and exegesis ('The Life of the Quran'). Mohamad's books have been translated into multiple languages and have been acclaimed by both readers and critics alike.


"The torch of Qur’anic authority has travelled significant distances over the past fourteen centuries. Like a raincloud, its nuanced expertise replenishes all without discrimination. But its lifegiving waters can only spark actual growth and blossoming if human beings take practical steps to unleash their potential and transform their state of being—thereby changing the world."

Source Material, Page 237

Areas of Interest:

Semitic Languages

Comparative Religion

Historical Analysis

Jurisprudence & Exegesis

Athletics & Visual Art


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